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A Professora Doutora Eliane Monetti foi Premiada pela International Real Estate Society

For outstanding service to the International Real Estate Society and/or regional real estate societies. This is an award for an individual whose has substantially contributed to the creation, development, and/or operation of a regional society and/or IRES. This person is not required to hold an elected or appointed office.

Premio Ires 2019

Eliane was one of founders of LARES in 1999. She wrote the Society’s original by-laws and helped organize the first LARES conference in 2001. Thus, she played an essential role in establishing the organization and helping it survive during the difficult start-up stage. In 2006, Eliane was selected to become Vice President of LARES, focusing on assisting the President with organizing the annual conference. As the leader of LARES, she continued to increase the visibility of the society and grow the annual conference. After a successful presidency, she didn’t “retire” from the organization. Instead, she agreed to serve as the organization’s Treasurer, an important role that she has played 9 years. Still, she has not retired from leadership. The current President has asked Eliane to take on the role of Academic Director of the Organization.
In addition to serving as a leader for LARES, Eliane has served on the IRES Board of Directors for a decade and was elected President of IRES for 2012, the first president from LARES. She played an active role as President-Elect, President, and Past-President, participating in discussions of the strategic plan, suggesting how to restructure MENARES, modifying the awards process, and suggesting ways to improve communication amongst the IRES Board of Directors.